Rhythm Rockets- Jazz, Swing, Rhythm & Blues


Finally after two years, our new album is here! We had four full recording sessions, a dozen or so mixing sessions, mastering sessions, lots of hours with album layout, photo sessions...it was time consuming. Then there was the cost of licencing and production. I think it was well worth while, we finally have a product that best represents what this band is about. it was stressful to say the least in trying to get all of this together, and we are still not done!

We have been sending out CD's to radio stations and the Blues Music Awards foundation in hopes that we may get a little more exposure, more exposure hopefully means more gigs...and that's what we really need. Also, we have enough material to release a second album, which is already mixed. It will be an album dedicated to those slow bluesy numbers, the last drink of the night or that last slow dance. It will be titled She Swings Blue- After Hours, we hope to get it out by Spring 2014. Finally, there may be a third album in the series filled with all original tunes, and that will be the undertaking for sure.

Folks, remember, when you venture out to a club, fest, venue to experience live music, you are helping musicians, waitresses, bartenders by supporting their efforts. So put some pants on, shut off the TV and have a night on the town!