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DJ over a LIVE Band

While stalking the internet for possible venues to play, I came across one that was advertising this...

"LIVE music tonight by DJ Blabber Mouth" (I added Blabber Mouth )

What has happened to music nowadays? When has a DJ spinning CDs become a live music event?

Live music is actual people performing on actual instruments...right now!
They are living it...they are breathing it...they are pouring out their hearts...right now.

Live music is not DJ'd, it's not Karaoke, it's not performed with backing tracks. It's happening NOW!

I posted this quandry on my Facebook page, and I received, what I think, was the most profound answer from my good pal Chris Gorcik (world renoun bassist)...

"Are there 'Art Jockeys' that show other artist's paintings and get paid for it? Are there 'Book Jockeys' that read other author's books and get paid for it? Are there 'Film Jockey's' that show other director's films and get paid for it? Nope, only in music can people get away with making a living on the backs of musicians."

Please support live music, by attending a show, talking with the performers, throwing in a buck or two in the tip jar, buying a drink or meal at the venue....